Midland Fruit was first established at Agra in 1935 by Late Shri Prabhudayal Bhargava .By 1940 it was major supplier of Dehydrated Potatoes and Onions to the British Government in India. 

The premises of Midland located at Narain Bhawan , opposite Hawett National Park at Agra was the centre of Revolutionary activity for Freedom Fighters. During the QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT of 1942 , the provincial C.I.D ( Police ) raided the premises and smashed the Industrial equipments. All persons present on the spot were arrested and CHARGED under The EXPLOSIVE SUBSTANCES Act in the infamous AGRA CONSPIRACY CASE for producing BOMBS and throwing them at British Govt. Establishments. Alongwith other political activist Shri Prabhudayal Bhargava suffered imprisonment and TRIAL during the period 14.12.1942 to 14.08. 1944. During his detention in Jail the premises and equipments were placed under the Custody of the Official Receiver. Subsequent to Judgement dated 26.04.1944 delivered by the then District and Sessions Judge - Justice K.N. Wanchoo. He was Released from Jail on the condition that he would not reside in Agra District. Because his wife belonged to Mathura District - he decided to re-locate his Industrial unit at Mathura , which by 1958 was meeting more than 70 % of the INDIAN ARMYs requirements of Canned Fruit and Vegetable products. 

During the CHINESE INVASION of 1962 Midland Fruit was requested by the GOI to suspend supplies to the CIVILIAN market so as to meet the Critical shortages faced by the Defence Forces. Midland Fruit was obliged to terminate DISTRIBUTORSHIP Agreements with leading companies such as PARRYs and CORN PRODUCTS. By this time manufacturing units had been established by Midland Fruit at PUNALUR ( Kerala ) for Pineapple processing , at JOGINDER NAGAR ( Himachal Pradesh ) for Hill Fruits , at Okhla Industrial Estate - New Delhi and fifth Unit was under process at KUMARGHAT ( Tripura ) for Pineapples. Due to FLOODS of 1967 and FIRE tragedy of 1973 , All units ( Except the one at Okhla - New Delhi ) were CLOSED DOWN. 

Midland Fruit ( PVT ) Ltd. - New Delhi has been under the charge of the Founders eldest son Shri N.P.Bhargava since 1955 / 1970 to date. Midland Fruit is the ONLY Indian owned unit of PRE - INDEPENDENT India ( in the FRUIT & VEGETABLE preservation Industry ) which has existed and survived the fierce competition from the MULTINATIONALS. Midlands closest Competitor upto 1970 / 1973 M/s - KISSAN products Ltd. was also taken over by Hindustan Lever. 

STEVIA based FRUUTO has motivated the re-establishment of Midland Fruit at Mathura in 2018.